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About Us

OTR is part of the Peregrine Corporation.

We are a proudly South Australian family business, operating for over 30 years. Our story began in 1984 and is based on hard work, high values, strategic thinking, and inspiration. Fleeing from civil unrest in the Middle East, Fred (Fathi) Shahin declared Adelaide as his family’s new home because the green pastures and Mediterranean climate reminded him of home. As an accomplished auditor for the United Nations, Mr. Shahin first sought work as an accountant. Later on, he saw a local Woodville Park service station for sale with an adjoining home and immediately bought it. 

Known as the BP Woodville Park Motors, each son soon joined the administration of the business and Peregrine soon grew. The younger generation brought new ideas and skills to the business and has overseen the company’s expansion and operations. To this day, the same family-based, ethical and sustainable values remain a hallmark of Peregrine and underpin each and every decision. OTR has now grown to over 170+ stores across Australia and is the largest private employer in the state.


The OTR Brand Story

We believe our customers are our guests.  They lead full, busy lives and are more on the run than we are.  So we are here to make their lives easier.   To save them time.  To allow them to keep going.  To be open when they need us, with the products and services they want.  To rescue them when they have run out.  To allow them to quickly grab a quality treat.  To surprise them when they least expect it. To talk to them as locals, not deal with them as transactions.  To put a smile on their faces without telling a joke.  To remove uncertainties, hassles and worries.  To replace time spent looking for the cheapest, with the satisfaction of value.  But to never offend them with price. 

We know them.  And they know us.  We are a part of their community and we are all proudly South Australian.  In the end, it’s not only what we do that’s important, it’s the way that we do it that keeps them coming back.  We are OTR and we’re for making life easy.


Proudly South Australian

OTR is owned and operated by South Australians. It is the state’s largest local employer and leading convenience retailer with over 170+ Petrol and Convenience stores across metropolitan and rural South Australia, employing over 3,100 South Australians. 

OTR also supports a number of local businesses working closely with other great local South Australian brands such as Golden North, Bickford’s, Rohde’s Eggs, Tucker’s Natural, Tony’s Flowers and T Bar.