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You know THAT happy feeling when you drive away in a freshly washed car? Not only does your car sparkle on the outside, it also seems to run more smoothly, more gracefully after a thorough wash – in fact, it’s a bit like driving a brand new car. At HappyWash, we know how satisfying that feeling is.

Visit a HappyWash today to get that happy car wash feeling. There are over 75 convenient HappyWash car wash locations in South Australia and Victoria. Our HappyWash sites offer a variety of car wash services, including do-it-yourself hand car wash, automatic soft brush wash and touchless car wash.


Automatic Car Wash

Automatic car washes are so easy and convenient. Drive in, drive out and you’re on your way again. When you use our automatic car wash services you can choose from the following products:

  • THE WASH – Shampoo, wheel scrub and spotless rinse
  • THE WASH&DRY – Shampoo, wheel scrub, spotless rinse, double dry and gloss coat
  • THE DELUXE – Shampoo, wheel scrub, spotless rinse, double dry, gloss coat, high pressure pre-wash, double active foam and super shine
  • THE ULTIMATE – Shampoo, wheel scrub, spotless rinse, double dry, gloss coat, high pressure pre-wash, double active foam, super shine and ultimate polish

Note that the car wash products listed above are for our ‘brush’ automatic car washes. The products vary for our touchless car washes.


More Services

We don’t just stop at cars! We also have the HappyDogWash dog wash service to keep your pooch in tip-top condition. Available at selected OTR locations. Read more here…



You can get that HappyWash feeling right now! Adelaide’s leading car wash, including automatic, DIY and dog wash services, is exclusive to OTR at over 75 convenient locations. With the OTR App*, simply buy any 4 automatic HappyWash washes and get your 5th FREE. *Terms and Conditions apply.

If you’d like to know more about HappyWash services or you are looking for a convenient way to wash your pooch, click on the buttons below.

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