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Moe's Dog & Shake

In the summer of 1965, to the sound of gospel and the Beatles, Queens witnessed the homecoming of Moe, though nobody ever saw him. All that was known was that every hot dog stand was open late into the night “Dawgs until 4”, and the wieners were the best anyone had ever had.


Nobody knows how many hot dog stands Moe ran, but they could be found in LA, Chicago, all the way down to New Orleans, Atlanta, and all the way up into Canada. Some say Moe never again lived in the United States, but others say he had a country house in South Carolina, where he grew many of the spices used in his famous sausages.


Then in 1982, the hot dog stands vanished…until now.


Moe’s New York style hot dog features a mouth-watering frankfurt, with your choice of sauce, mustard, cheese, bacon, caramelised onion and a relish to die for, all in a side split toasted bun.


Famous for it all American flavour, value for money and 24/7 availability, Moe’s is exclusive to OTR.

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