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OTR keeping RSPCA South Australia on the road

OTR keeping RSPCA South Australia on the road

South Australia’s leading retailer and the state’s largest local employer, OTR is proud to announce it will be supporting community-based charity RSPCA South Australia.

The newly formed partnership has evolved following on from a campaign that saw generous customer donations from collection boxes and contributions by OTR raise over $32,000.

“We learnt that the money raised was going towards keeping the RSPCA’s five Rescue Officers on the road and assisting in the huge number of animal rescues and we wanted to do more,” said Ms Michaela Webster, OTR Chief Operating Officer.

“We are pleased that the money raised and donated will support the RSPCA inspectors specifically”

Peter Ferguson, Brand Manager from RSPCA South Australia said, “We are the oldest and most trusted animal welfare organisation in the state, caring for a huge number of abandoned, abused and mistreated animals every year.

“RSPCA South Australia is incredibly grateful for organisations like OTR and their customers who help to save animals like Charli from terrible circumstances,” Peter said.

Charli is a young Australian Terrier, who was taken into RSPCA’s care suffering from unimaginable cruelty. Her two front legs were broken. Her bones were snapped in two. But she wasn’t rushed to a vet for treatment – she was left in agony for over a week.

For more information on the Charli’s story – www.rspcasa.org.au/charli 

For further media enquiries contact Belinda Petersen 0402 358 000


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