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Media response to ABC 7:30 Report Traineeship story

Media response to ABC 7:30 Report Traineeship story

OTR currently has 1000 people on a traineeship and like apprenticeships they have been successfully used across Australia for decades.

Over 300,000 people in Australia are currently undertaking a traineeship, which gives access for further education to those who do not have the opportunity to go to university.

OTR pays employees fairly and legally and are not under investigation by any regulatory body (such as the Fair Work Ombudsman, the SA Government, or the South Australian Training and Skills Commission) in relation to employment practices.

It is a fact that retail traineeships are commonplace in Australia and thousands of employees have had a great career as a result of participating in training and development at OTR.

We have been successfully audited twice by the Fair Work Ombudsman in recent years and chosen to engage independent external consultants to further audit our pay rates each year to ensure they are in accordance with the law.

We have an open-book policy with the government and regulators with respect to our Traineeship Programme and have had positive feedback.

The traineeship contract for each individual must be approved by the government and cannot be varied or terminated without permission.

Traineeships are no different to apprenticeships, which have been around for decades.