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Another Week, Another Millionaire Thanks to SA Lotteries and OTR

Another Week, Another Millionaire Thanks to SA Lotteries and OTR

Turning a customer into a millionaire? That’s selling the dream. Turning TWO customers into millionaires in a single month? That’s On The Run (OTR).

Once again, a lucky OTR customer has become Adelaide’s newest millionaire after winning Division One in the SA Lotteries X-Lotto Mega Draw on Saturday July 29th.

Team members at OTR Tranmere were thrilled to discover they had sold the only SA Lotteries Division One X-Lotto winner in South Australia, worth over $1 million. Demonstrating once again the convenience of OTR, where luck can strike 24 hours a day.

The delighted customer told SA Lotteries he has played the same numbers every week for 15 years, with a few small wins here and there. But the prize of over $1 million at Tranmere OTR is easily his biggest win so far. (By some margin!).

“The wife will be ecstatic!”, said the customer, who wishes to remain anonymous. “I’m not sure how we’ll spend the money, I wouldn’t have a clue! The wife will definitely fix that!”, he said, chuckling.

OTR’s SA Lotteries Senior Brand Champion Brad Carmichael was delighted to congratulate yet another Division One winner – the second in three weeks. “We’re so happy for him. We wish him and his family all the very best. The team at OTR Tranmere is proud to have sold the dream!”.

Brad explained that – while it’s amazing to see two new millionaires in the space of a month – it’s no surprise to see OTR consistently producing big winners. “Finding your luck has never been easier, with an OTR just around the corner and open around the clock”.

Our latest success story brings the total up to nine SA Lotteries Division One winners at OTR sites in the past five years. No matter where you are, no matter what time it is, OTR is always ready to turn your lucky feeling into an incredible reality.

OTR now has over 90 convenient locations – including 7 Drive-Thrus – offering SA Lotteries products. Find your nearest location and become our next instant millionaire.

*Gamble responsibly.