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Down the Line with Scott McGregor

Scott has been mad about trains all his life. Lucky for him he has been able to turn this passion into a Collectables business, and also a two TV Documentary series. Details below.

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Railway Adventures DVD cover Both sets include 6 x 1 hour documentaries over 3 DVDs.

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Down the Line with Scott McGregor.

Through six one-hour episodes we ride the rails with Scott, enthusiast and raconteur, exploring remote, unique and exotic destinations on and off the rails. Each adventure reveals an array of characters, culture and history that seems to collect along these wondrous railway lines.

In this series, Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam provide the backdrop for some of the greatest railway journeys in the Asia Pacific region. The variety of people, trains and scenery will have viewers wanting to book a seat for their next grand adventure.

Episode 1: In Search of the Lost Railwayman (New South Wales)

Our adventure begins at Scott's mountain-top railway hideaway near Mudgee, New South Wales's. An old Gladstone bag holds the clues to an epic journey South from Sydney across the Snowy Mountains. Scott heads off determined to return the bag to it's rightful owner and travel on any type of vehicle that will get him down the line.

Episode 2: Riding the Re-unification Express (Vietnam)

One of the world's great train journeys is on the little known "Reunification Express". It travels the length of Vietnam, a 2,000-km lifeline from Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the North. Vietnam has a total 2,600 km of railway, designed by French colonists, built by Vietnamese labour, attacked by Japanese invaders, sabotaged alternately by North and South troops and finally rebuilt in postwar Vietnam. A single narrow gauge line runs the length of the country, carrying passengers and freight and connecting Vietnam to it's huge neighbour in the north, China. This is the line we use explore this extraordinary nation.

Episode 3: NewZealiana (New Zealand South Island)

New Zealand - the first country in the world to see the sun rise everyday. And on the south island, it shines on a rugged and spectacular landscape. Mountains that have become the destination of the thrill seeker - and the railway adventurer like Scott. The Southern Alps are just one facet of the South Island, a place that seems to reflect a very special character - something Scott likes to call New Zealiana.

Episode 4: Treasures of the Australian Savannah (Far North Queensland)

Queensland's far north provides the backdrop for a series of train journeys that some consider the most unique in the world. People travel from all over the globe to catch these trains from "nowhere to nowhere" and Scott finds out why.

The 'Savannahlander" and the "Gulflander" are just two of the eccentric train journeys amongst an adventure through Australia's Savannahland. From the Gulf of Carpentaria to the Atherton Tablemlands, a journey through this part of Australia is like no other.

Episode 5: The Shakey Isle (New Zealand's North Island)

Scott travels right through the heart of New Zealand's emerald-green North Island. The tour, down the main trunk line, also allows for some fascinating side trips: a potter who built his own mountain railway, the majesty of the smouldering volcano Mount Ruapehu. In New Zealand the very land steams and so do we, all the way to the nation's capital, Wellington.

Episode 6: Along the Great Southern Coast (Victoria & Sth Australia)

Our epic journey begins in Melbourne. Scott heads west with the intention of participating in the Cummins Kalamazoo World Championship (A Kalamazoo is a hand pumped rail car). The championship is held once a year down the main street of Cummins, a dusty, small junction town in the middle of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The journey there takes Scott through the Western District of Victoria and the shipwreck coast, up through the Coorong, by rail motor past the old volcanoes of Mount Gambier, through Adelaide and finally to the Eyre Peninsula and a rendezvous with a race like no other.

Railway Adventures Across Australia

Railway adventures across Australia follows the exploits of Scott McGregor , on his quest to find the famous, unusual and unique trains and stories at the end of the line. It's a six by one-hour documentary produced by Look Television, which was screened on Network Ten in Australia. The series is being distributed internationally by Tapestry International, and Readers Digest handled the sell-through video.

The Series premiered on Saturday 12th June 1999, and has been screening on cable channels around the world ever since. Copies of the videos may still available through Readers Digest for $79.96 + $7.99 p&h. If you wish to place an order you can do so by calling 1300 300 030 and quoting product order code 0731565.

Each episode, concentrating on a particular Australian State takes the audience on an epic journey through cities, towns and out to destinations WELL off "the beaten track". Scott's easygoing charm, enthusiasm and knowledge of the Railway system and history combined with the eccentric and interesting characters he meets makes these journeys even more memorable. The discovery of beautiful scenery, historic towns and isolated outposts make this a fascinating and very different journey around Australia.

From the luxurious "Ghan" passenger train in South Australia to the giant Iron Ore carriers of the Pilbara, Scott gets us from one destination to the other by any set of rails available. And if there is no train to run on the line, Scott is not above employing a little bit of his own initiative to get him where he needs to go!!

Scott McGregor, host of Railway Adventures
Riding an old two man hand trike.

In Episode One, Scott explores the length and breadth of Queensland .But not before showing us his own Railway Carriage Home in Mudgee, NSW.

In Episode Two, Scott explores his home state of NSW.

Episode Three follows Scott on his discovery of the Trains of South Australia.

The wide open spaces of Western Australia are explored by Scott in Episode four.

Episode Five has Scott travelling around the "garden state" of Victoria in his own vintage Rail motor.

The final episode of Railway Adventures (ep Six) explores the island state of Tasmania

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