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HappyWash Valet Service

HappyWash Valet Service

We’ll clean your car inside and out!

HappyWash Valet Wash includes Shampoo, Wheel Scrub, Spotless Rinse, Gloss Coat, Double Dry, High-Pressure Pre-Wash, Underbody Wash, Double Active Foam, Super Shine, Ultimate Polish*, Tyre Shine, Door Jambs and Seals Clean, Dash and Interior Trim Clean, Interior and Boot Vacuum, Windows and Mirrors Clean, Fragrance Spray.

HappyWash Extra Care is also available at additional cost:
  • Air Care: eliminates harmful bacteria that can grow in the A/C unit;¬†cleans the A/C evaporator and eliminates odours
  • Happy Wax*: keeps your vehicle glossy with a showroom finish
  • Wheel Bling: lasting protection for wheels so clean, your car can bling
  • 2-step Paint Treatment: removes surface contaminates, hand wax protects and seals paint, adds depth and clarity to vehicle’s paint system
  • Leather Treatment: hydrates, moisturises and protects leather trim
To book your HappyWash Valet Service today, please call:
  • OTR Pulteney Street (139 Angas St & Pulteney St, Adelaide): 8200 5647
  • OTR St Marys (1175-1181 South Rd, St Marys): 8200 5660
  • OTR West Terrace (41-49 West Terrace, Adelaide): 8211 7074

*subject to original paint condition